About Duniabooking Token

Duniabooking is a 'One-stop booking platform' that facilitates providers and their consumers with a variety of features such as booking engines, marketplaces, trusted review systems, mobile application, and others.

As a technology partner, Duniabooking aims to provide a better interaction experience between providers and consumers. By reducing costs for the use of third-party platforms, the vision of Duniabooking is to enable providers to focus on more resources in providing better value and services to consumers and users around the world.

Duniabooking One-stop booking platform

Problems & Solutions


OTAs Domination
Domination of OTAs

Online travel agents (OTA) dominate the online bookings. A lot of online bookings come from online travel agents.

High Commissions
High Commissions

High commissions are charged by OTA to Providers. This will affect the Provider’s profit.

Lack of Data Control
Lack of Data Control

Data that has been registered with OTA is generally owned by the OTA even though the Provider still has access to control the data. But there are still risks to data manipulation.


Booking Engine/Widget
Booking Engine/Widget

Providers will know their Consumers directly through booking engines/widgets embedded in their website. This will break the domination of OTA.

Zero Commission
No Commission

Providers do not pay commissions from every booking / order they get to Duniabooking. This will increase their profit margins.

Smart Contract
Smart Contract

Duniabooking uses blockchain technology. Providers have full access to control their data through smart contracts. No one can manipulate their data except themselves.

Problems & Solutions


Many OTAs
Too Many OTAS

Many OTAs that sell the same products / hotels that can cause the availability of products to be inaccurate. It will take time and effort to search and make reservations.

Lack of Products
Lack of Products

Consumers cannot find various products from an OTA or website. They find it from several OTA’s or websites.

High Price
High Price

High commissions by OTA to Providers can lead to reduced profit margins received by Providers. This causes higher prices for consumers.


One-stop booking platform
One-stop booking platform

Consumers do not need to look for various tourim products through many OTAs or website. They can find it at Duniabooking and book only with a confirmation.

Many Variety Products
Diverse products

Consumers can find and reserves a variety of products, such as: Accommodations (hotels/villas/apartments), health & beauty (spa/massage/salon/tattoo), consumption (restaurant, Gourmet reservations), transportation (motorbike/bicycle/car rental), tickets (planes and other tickets), etc.

Good Price
Better Price & More Loyalty Program

When Provider’s profit margins increased, consumers will get better prices and more loyalty programs.


2018 Q3
  • Research and concept making
  • Form a Team
2018 Q4
  • Completion of the Whitepaper
2019 Q1
  • Private Sale
  • Making prototype
2019 Q4
  • Products: Booking engine / widget
  • Products: Develop Mobile apps, flight ticket modules
  • Products: Develop Surveyor apps
2019 Q3
  • Distribution of tokens to participants
  • DTN ERC20 token list to exchange
  • Product (beta): Spa / Massage module
2019 Q2
  • Presale & Public Sale
  • Products (beta): OTA (rooms), booking engines, tools, & channel managers
  • Products: Develop spa/massage module
2020 Q1
  • Products: airline tickets, hotels / villas, spa / massage
  • Products: Develop rental's and restaurant's modules
  • Products (beta): surveyor apps
  • Swap DTN ERC20 tokens to Universa’s Native Token
2020 Q2
  • Add more partners : rental providers and restaurants

Token Sale

Private Sale
19 Feb 2019 - 31 Mar 2019
Price US$ 0.01 Bonus 40.00%
Max. 10,000,000 tokens
Min. Order 500 USD
Pre Sale I
01 Apr 2019 - 14 Apr 2019
Price US$ 0.01 Bonus 30.00% -
Min. Order 250 USD
Pre Sale II
15 Apr 2019 - 30 Apr 2019
Price US$ 0.01 Bonus 20.00% -
Min. Order 100 USD
Public Sale I
01 May 2019 - 31 May 2019
Price US$ 0.01 Bonus 10.00% -
Min. Order 10 USD
Public Sale II
08 Jun 2019 - 30 Jun 2019
Price US$ 0.01 Bonus 5.00% -
Min. Order 10 USD
Public Sale III
01 Jul 2019 - 31 Jul 2019
Price US$ 0.01 Bonus 0.00% -
Min. Order 10 USD
will end in
  • Token Information
  • Token Symbol DTN
  • Token Type Utility
  • Platform Universa
  • Standard Universa Native Token
  • Token Sale Start 1 May 2019
  • Token Sale End 31 July 2019
  • Tokens for sale 600.000.000 tokens
  • Token Price $0.01 USD
  • Bonuses up to 40% phase bonuses
    +5% purchase use UTN/UTNP
  • Payment Accepted BTC, ETH, UTN
  • Restricted Country -
  • KYC Yes - USD 10.000 purchased

Token Distribution

Fund Allotment


Oka Dayendra
I Made Dwi Asmara Putra
Head of Technology
Edy Santosa
Head of Products
Agam Pradhana
Java Programmer
Graphic Designer
Adi Wijaya
Frontend Developer
Surya Putra Sandi
Backend Developer
Russell Raimundo
Backend Developer


Steven Gijsman
Serial Entrepreneur
Rahman Desyanta
Emerging Business Solution Senior Manager, Gamatechno
Made Sukarsa
Data Warehouse Expert
Jonathan Jordan
Cyber Security Consultant
Bayu Suteja
GM Golden Tulip Hotel
Budhi Wijaya
GM Quest San Hotel
Sami Ade Merta
Lestari Living Hospitality Villa Management
Agung Segara
Tattoo Artist
Kelvin Saputra
Capital Market Practitioners

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Frequently asked questions

Duniabooking Token - is a digital currency or money used as a service in Duniabooking one-stop booking platform. Its used a blockchain to solve existing online travel agent with its issues and problems.

We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Universa (UTN/UTN-P).

You need to register and confirm the registration welcome email to activate your account.

Duniabooking token uses a Universa Blockchain. Meanwhile we creating the ERC20 token with Ethereum platform. Participant can trade the tokens after tokens sale in the existing exchange. There will be a swap methods from ERC20 token to Universa Native Token.

The Duniabooking token ticker is DTN.

Duniabooking Token (DTN) price is 0.01 USD.

The supply of Duniabooking Token is DTN. It is not includes token's bonuses during ICO.

The token sale will start at 1 May 2019. Please check the token sale phase

Yes. It will be a bonuses during token sale. The bonuses value will depend on the token sale periode.
If purchase uses Universa Token (UTN/UTN-P), you will get 5% more bonuses.

We develope Duniabooking Token as digital currency use in products which is under development. We are developing this products below:

Duniabooking.com - One-stop booking platform
Duniabooking Widget/Engine - Independent booking engine/widget embedded/attached in provider's website/portal
Duniabooking Tools - Core system as administration page to manage all property/products by Providers
Duniabooking Mobile - mobile apps for Duniabooking.com
Duniabooking Surveyor Apps - location base mobile apps for Surveyors
Duniabooking Token (DTN) - Digital currency for Duniabooking and use a a service (Money as a service)

In addition to create Duniabooking digital currency (DTN), we also use Universa blockchain to register products/property, availability/allotments/calendar of the products, booking/order information, consumer information and the consumer's reviews. Duniabooking Token (DTN) will used as a service in the system


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