Why invest in bitcoin?
Bitcoin has only been around since 2009 but the currency has a unique collection of properties. Advocates say these factors make bitcoin worth investing in, and while BTC is subject to high volatility in the short term, the long-term pattern over the span of ten years has been one of exponential growth.

Some of the factors that may make investing in bitcoin attractive include:
  • Scarcity. As ‘digital gold’, bitcoin is the hardest money ever created. Its current inflation rate is less than 2% – the target for most central banks – and is falling all the time.
  • Bitcoin is a truly global asset that can be bought, sent and used anywhere in the world.
  • It is censorship-resistant: no bank or government can reverse or block transactions, or confiscate it unilaterally.
  • Bitcoin is still in its relative infancy and has the potential for significant adoption and further growth
  • It is an independent asset, not intrinsically linked to the economy of any specific country or region
  • Bitcoin is the gateway to the crypto world, and many other digital assets trade against it